Top 8 Dogs for Families with Children : The Ultimate Guide

Before talking about dogs for children, or babysitting dogs, it is necessary to take into consideration aspects such as the age or characteristics of the little ones in the house. In this way we can identify 3 main categories of babysitting dogs : dogs with protective instincts for very young children, very active playmates for hyperactive children and patient playmates for children in general.

One of the general rules to keep in mind when we talk about dogs for children is “the younger the child, the bigger the dog must be. In this Healthy All Tips article we explain why this rule applies, but above all we will show you which ones are the best dogs for a family with children.

Big Dogs for Little Kids

Small children, without doing so on purpose, can harm or greatly annoy a dog, for example by pulling its ears, fur or tail. If the dog is small, it is more likely for him to feel pain or react in an unexpected way by adopting an aggressive/defensive attitude. On the contrary, a large dog does not always react or notice children’s teasing, so it tends not to react much or even remains impassive.

However, this does not mean that the little ones in the house can do everything to the dog, even if it is large, nor that you should choose a Newfoundland or a Saint Bernard without thinking twice, even if they are excellent dogs for a family with children. The ideal size of a dog for small children is that of a German Shepherd or similar.

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1. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a perfect dog for very young children. He is calm, intelligent and easy to train . He is intelligent, strong and with a strong protective instinct, so, if socialized from an early age, he will get along very well with children.

2. Pitbull Terriers

Despite the bad reputation of this breed, the Pitbull is an excellent dog for children, so much so that in the 19th and 20th centuries it was the babysitting dog par excellence. To find out more, we invite you to read his story in this article: The Pitbull as a babysitting dog: the story. His rugged appearance hides a heart of gold and infinite patience with children, which is why he is perfect for the little ones in the house.

This dog needs an active family who educates him and takes care of his physical and mental stimulation with excursions and several daily walks. Furthermore, it is necessary to socialize him , especially outside the home, since he is a puppy.

3. Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever is a sweet dog with the little ones, a real “piece of bread” considered among the best dogs for a family with children given its characteristics such as intelligence, affability, patience and gentleness. He is a very active and playful dog, but despite this he has a calm and patient temperament. He needs an active and stimulating pace of life as he is very intelligent.

4. Great Dane

The Great Dane is a giant sized dog and is one of the best dogs for a family with children over the age of 6-8 . He is a gentle, good-natured and protective dog, perfect for quiet families and his size will keep anyone with bad intentions away.

The only problem with the Great Dane is the same as with the Newfoundland and the Saint Bernard, the breeds we mentioned at the beginning: they need a lot of space and they have to eat really large doses of food, so keeping them can be expensive.

5. Boxers

The Boxer is the eternal puppy because he never stops wanting to play, even when he gets older. He gets along very well with children and loves all types of games. It is one of the best breeds for children aged 6 and up because, without wanting to, they can be a little abrupt in their movements when playing. It’s suitable for all families, the only problem is that it loses a lot of drool, so if you’re obsessed with cleanliness, maybe it’s better to opt for another dog.

6. The Rough collie

The Rough Collie , or long-haired Scottish sheepdog, is a dog that bonds very closely with the members of the family that welcomes it, especially children. They have truly infinite patience. It is suitable for children over 7 years old who are not particularly mischievous because it is important that they do not pull their fur.

It is a very intelligent dog so mental stimulation and daily obedience exercises must not be lacking. It is perfect for disciplined and organized families.

7. Beagles

The Beagle is the best dog breed for hyperactive children. It’s great for active families with active lifestyles who often go on hikes or activities in nature. They have energy to spare and a great sense of smell and they tend to be very independent from time to time. In addition to being among the dogs that get along well with children, it is also a dog that can live in an apartment without problems if you take it for a walk more than once a day and if you make it exercise and exercise.

8. Labrador Retrievers

The Labrador Retriever , like the Beagle, is one of the breeds suitable for hyperactive children. It is also a very intelligent dog that adapts to different types of families . However it is particularly suitable for people who have time for outdoor activities, as well as educate and train the dog to ensure that it is always stimulated both physically and mentally.

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Before Getting a Dog: Precautions and Advice

We would like to remember that we have only selected 8 breeds that in our opinion form a complete list of the best dogs for a family with children, but any dog ​​can be a great companion for your son or daughter. It is important that the dog has been correctly socialized with children from an early age, that it does not suffer from any behavioral problems and that it has a stable temperament.

Remember that you must train the dog, but you will also have to educate the children by explaining to them how to behave with your new 4-legged friend.

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